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Business Executives

How frustrating is it to HAVE great wealth building potential through your employer, but not understand HOW it works!

Per a recent survey from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc., four in five (80%) Americans are "at least somewhat concerned about their ability to save".  Less than one in four (22%) are confident that their savings habits will allow them to retire. Combine this with studies conducted by the Federal Reserve Board stating that the number one reason individuals save and invest is to fund retirement, we have the makings for several thousands of business executives like you that need a FINANCIAL PLAN and STRATEGY to maximize their wealth potential.

Does this resonate with you?

  • Not confident in your ability to maximize your wealth while minimizing taxation to fund your retirement goals;
  • Realize that important things are at stake like you and your family's lifestyle or your dreams/goals;
  • Too busy to spend time understanding everything offered or available due to obligations or travel schedule.

Our firm understands your PAIN!   Employer benefits are often too complex to navigate with the multitude of choices, options and restrictions. Let an expert help you navigate those complexities so you can have time to do what you want to do.  

Have an executive compensation plan?  Check out this article.

Small Business Owners

You understand how the importance of maximizing your time, effort and capital translates into profits for your business. 

You also understand that becoming a successful brand involves you shaping the way customers perceive and receive your message. 

Finally, you probably understand that this leaves little time to focus on YOUR FINANCIAL PLAN, leaving you exposed and vulnerable.

The Financial Playbook is a collection of financial planning strategies I’ve designed to help entrepreneur clients like YOU achieve financial success as they continue to focus on their businesses.

Strategies like:

  • creating cost-saving, owner-centric retirement plans to reward and retain key employees;
  • utilizing the US tax code for your benefit (maximize deductions and reduce liabilities);
  • creating strategies for business monetization and wealth preservation;
  • and much more!

Don’t leave your greatest wealth-building asset—YOU—exposed and vulnerable!

Professional Athletes

We understand that professional athletes want to... PROTECT, GROW and CREATE!

Protect Your Assets... 

  • with tax-sheltered and tax-advantaged vehicles or investments
  • with proper risk management strategies provided by insurance and emergency cash flow; and 
  • by leveraging financial aid provided through collective bargaining agreements (e.g. tuition reimbursement and disability income)

Grow Your Assets...

  • by implementing tax-free investment strategies to reduce tax liability and tax preparation costs associated with earning income in multiple states; and
  • by learning how to properly include prudent, "businessman's" risk into your portfolio with private/speculative investments

Create More Wealth...

  • by providing resources through our unique partnerships for "post-game" transition strategies; and
  • by providing strategies to properly re-brand your "post-game" transition and increase revenue streams

We understand the unique needs (link to our white paper) of professional athletes when it comes to the challenges of career transition.  Therefore, we partner with you to provide the necessary resources to help you make better financial decisions.  

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(Each review includes an analysis of your current retirement/financial plan and a financial analysis of any private, non-public deals you currently own.)

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